North Georgia Crappie Anglers, Inc. is a non-profit club and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable
purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any
future Federal or State tax code. North Georgia Crappie Anglers, Inc. purpose is to share information and experiences
of Crappie fishing on Lake Sidney Lanier and other North Georgia lakes among its members and other professionals.

Purpose in Detail
The club provides education at its monthly meetings where professional biologists, fishing guides, experienced
members from other area fishing clubs, fishing professionals, and others are invited to speak to members on issues
such as the status of health and the population of Crappie in Lake Lanier. The information shared at these meetings
helps to educate club members. Besides the monthly meetings, additional activities listed below are scheduled
throughout the month, including a fishing tournament. All gatherings are very educational as relevant information about
Crappie fishing is shared among members. North Georgia Crappie Anglers is committed to getting children involved in
fishing by holding fishing tournaments for them. At each of these tournaments, an adult fisherman is responsible for
fishing with a child and teaching him/her some techniques about Crappie fishing.

Our membership totals approximately 164 and is made up of men and women that live in North Georgia. We are the
second largest crappie club in the Southeast.

Club activities include: annual children’s fishing tournament, group fishing trips to various lakes and coastal waters,
monthly fishing tournaments at Lake Lanier, brush pile locations and activities, family members quarterly fish fry’s,
family holiday dinners, periodic group pontoon excursions for lunch, and group attendance of various plays, concerts
and festivals.

We consider ourselves a family fishing club. We promote crappie fishing mostly in Lake Lanier. Our members are
encouraged to participate in all of our club activities. We meet once per month and also hold a monthly crappie fishing
tournament. No cash awards are given, but instead award crappie hat pins for the winners. In order to facilitate
membership interaction, our tournament teams are made up of different people each month.

If you are interested in knowing more about our club, please call Woodie Malone at 770-634-6539 or send him an
email at
ALWAYS have children wear life jackets -  ALWAYS have the kill switch in -  ALWAYS help those in distress or in need of assistance
ALWAYS wear your life vest when running or in inclement weather -  ALWAYS check to ensure your boat lights work, including your trailer lights
ALWAYS have a fire extinguisher on your motorized boat -  ALWAYS have a whistle or something that will get attention in emergency